Environmental, Social & Governance

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) principles play a significant role in our continual pursuit of excellence. We recognise the integral role ESG plays in delivering a superior quality of service to our customers and ensuring the satisfaction of our employees, shareholders, and the broader community as a whole.


As a proudly Bahraini-founded and -based company that has been established to serve local market needs and reduce reliance on imports, we take our role as corporate citizens of Bahrain very seriously—as such, protecting our Kingdom’s environment is a fundamental priority.

Over the course of our history, we have spearheaded several initiatives to continually enhance the sustainability of our operations. Initiatives include:

  • voluntarily doubling the required annual stack emissions testing
  • redesigning our exhaust systems to produce less than 30 milligrams of emissions per nm3
  • installing suction devices that led to an almost 70% reduction in cement spillage.

Today, we are in the process of conducting a feasibility study for the installation of solar and wind power generation technology in our plant to meet 25-50% of our energy requirements.


The wellbeing of our employees is of utmost importance to us. That is why we not only seek to offer our people a motivating and supportive work environment in which they can thrive, but also one in which their health and safety come first. Considering the nature of our operations and industry, our commitment to upholding the highest of health and safety standards also extends to all our partners, contractors and visitors.

We persistently strive to achieve the highest degree of health and safety practices that comply with legal requirements and are in line with global best practices. We continually enhance our Occupational Health and Safety management systems to ensure the required precautions and measures are in place, and minimise risks to our employees and partners on the ground.

In recognition of our diligence towards safeguarding Occupational Health & Safety, we are proud to have recently achieved an ISO 45001:2018 certification relating to the Manufacturing, Sales and Supply of Ordinary Portland and Sulphate Resistant Cement.


Our approach to Governance is underpinned by the regulatory and government requirements of the Kingdom of Bahrain, and is driven by the principles of transparency, fairness and value generation for customers and shareholders. We diligently work towards ensuring our business practices and operations are in full compliance with the applicable regulatory requirements and industry standards, and safeguard the interests of our customers, shareholders and employees.

Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is responsible for steering our business practices and operations in alignment with applicable laws and regulations, including overseeing and reviewing operations, financial performance, objectives, senior management performance, and corporate strategies.

In addition to a Board of Directors, we have in place several Board Committees – such as the Board Audit Committee, Board Nominating Committee, Board Remuneration Committee and Corporate Governance Committee. These committees are formed entirely of independent members, with the exception of the Board Nominating Committee, which is comprised of non-executive directors and a majority of independent directors. This is to ensure absolute impartiality and to eliminate the risk of a conflict of interest.

Ethics, Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest

All Board Directors, Executive Management and employees are required to strictly adhere to our Code of Conduct, which calls for strict transparency and integrity, as well as that every measure is taken to avoid Conflict of Interest.

In the case of any activities or transactions carried out by members of the Board that may pose potential Conflict of Interest, such activities will have to be formally and unanimously approved by the full Board. Moreover, all Board Members must declare in writing all of their other interests in other enterprises or activities to the Board, or the Nominating or Audit Committees, on an annual basis.

To ensure further transparency, the Company will disclose to its shareholders any abstention from voting motivated by a conflict of interest and will disclose to its shareholders any authorisation of a conflict of interest contract or transaction in accordance with the Company Law.

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