Committed to excellence, by providing the best quality cement in OPC and SRC varieties, both bagged and in bulk, for a variety of applications.

FCC cement is manufactured on international quality standards EN 197-1 CEM-1 CLASS 42.5 N & GSO-Type I & V and is approved by the Ministry of Works in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Falcon Cement Company (FCC) is the largest and only integrated cement producer in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The plant started operations in March 2009, catering to the local needs of the Kingdom of Bahrain and reducing its reliance on imported cement. Falcon plant produces OPC & SRC as per market requirements cement plant installed capacity was 1000 TPD which has increased to 2555 TPD in 2015 and plans to expand the production capacity to reach 3400 tons per day by 2019. Besides supplying the cement products to the local market Falcon also seek to export cement to customers in the region. FCC produces and distributes cement in bags and in bulk.

Falcon Cement Company provides cement to large, complex and demanding projects for public and private customers primarily in the Kingdom of Bahrain. FCC has undertaken numerous landmark infrastructures, industrial and commercial projects in the Kingdom of Bahrain. FCC also registered Closed Joint Stock Company on December 19, 2005 with the basic objective to manufacture cement.


Falcon’s vision is to become one of the leading cement manufacturers in the Bahrain region and strive for excellence.

  Falcon is committed to being the industry leader in providing outstanding value to our customers, a safe and stimulating work environment for our employees, and superior returns for our shareholders  

Growth Strategy, Employee Satisfaction, Customer Satisfaction, Measurement Systems, Community Involvement.


Mr. Hisham Alrayes  currently holds  the position of Chief Executive Officer at  GFH Financial  Group.  Mr. Alrayes was the Chief Investment Officer of GFH heading  GFH Venture Capital, Private Equity, Real Estate and Asset Management investments for the bank.

Mr. Alrayes has focused experience in banking and  start-up investments; Mr.  Alrayes led GFH's investment in  industrials, financial institutions and natural resources.  Mr. Alrayes is the  chairman of Gulf Holding Company, others, Cemena Holding Company, Tunis Bay Investment Company, and Royal Ranched Marrakesh.

Previously, Mr. Alrayes was the founder and the general manager of Invita B.S.C.   In   that   position,   he   developed   the  i nvestment   opportunity, established  and  managed  the  company,  positioning  is as  one  of  the recognized  BPO  business  in  Bahrain.  Before  Invita, he was  part of the Bank  of  Bahrain  &  Kuwait's  senior  management,  team  developing e-Banking services and managing client relations.

Mr.    Alrayes      holds    a     Bachelor's     degree     with     Honours      in Electrical/Electronic   Engineering  from  the  University  of Bahrain  and  a Master's   degree   with   Honours   in  Business  Administration  from  the University of De Paul, Chicago, USA.

Mr. Alaa Hamad Al Roumi currently assumes the role of Deputy CEO of Capcorp, an investment company incorporated in Kuwait.

He has more than 18 years of experience in international capital markets. During the last six years, he has been focusing on direct investments, management and arrangement of investment transactions, and property development projects.

He was Senior Manager for Property Development Projects and Financial Instruments at Kuwait Investment Company. He also took part in managing various investment funds. At present, Mr. Al Roumi assumes various directorship roles in several companies.

Mr. Al Roumi is also a member of the Board of Directors of Wared Lease and Finance Company (Kuwait), Falcon Cement Company (Bahrain), and Instrata Capital Company (Bahrain).

Mr. Salah Sharif is the Chief Administrative Officer of GFH Financial Group. He is also the chairman of the FCC executive committee and a board member.

 Previously Mr. Sharif was the Head of the Operations Department at GFH where he was responsible for planning, developing and implementing the strategy for operational management and development to the bank's objectives and organizational performance plans.

He was also involved in establishing and maintaining appropriate systems for measuring necessary aspects of operational management and development. Mr. Sharif holds an MBA from UK.



Mr. Razi Al Murbati is an Executive  Director in the Investment and Placement Management  at  GFH  Financial  Group. Mr. Al Murbati  brings  to his role more  than  15  years  of  experience  in  the  banking  and  finance sector including  a  significant  track record in Islamic investments and advisory.  His areas of  expertise  include private banking and  wealth management as well as private equity.

Prior to  joining  GFH, he most  recently  served  as  Head  of  Investment Development and  Distribution for the  GCC region at The First Investor in Qatar,   a  subsidiary  of   Barwa   Bank.  Prior  to  that,  he   was  Regional Director of  Investment  Advisory  Group  of  Abu Dhabi Investment House. Mr. Al Murbati began his career with Deutsche Bank Bahrain.


Mr. Adnan Bashir – Acting General Manager at Falcon Cement Company.

Mr. Adnan Bashir is a senior management professional associated with Falcon Cement company for over 8 years. He started with the company as Manager of Business Development in 2011 and is currently working as Acting General Manager.

Mr. Adnan is a CA finalist from PWC and an MBA with marketing major. He has been working in various companies across 3 countries for over 26 years and has worked with some of the largest companies in the world in different industrial and business sectors including Price Waterhouse Coopers, Walmart and Manama Textile – WestPoint Home. He brings with him a vast variety of experience spread over an array of industrial sectors coupled with a mix of financial and marketing academic qualifications.


Mr. Rasmi Khalil currently holds the role of Plant Director at Falcon Cement Company.

Mr. Khalil is holding a B.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering from USA with 25 years’ experience in cement industry for plant operation, production, maintenance and new projects including 10 years in a leadership role.

Mr. Khalil worked in different positions at GFH where he was in charge of cement projects in Syria and Libya before moving to Bahrain. He is fully responsible and direct In charge of Falcon Cement plant operation, production, maintenance and new projects along with direct technical support to quality control and procurement departments including budgets, KPI and cost control.


Mr. Ravi Shankar Verma – Finance Manager at Falcon Cement Company.

Mr. Ravi is a FCA (Fellow Chartered Accountant) with over 28 years of experience of working in senior management positions in companies across India and Bahrain.

Mr. Ravi currently holds the position of Finance Manager at Falcon Cement Co. Prior to joining Falcon Cement he was with Midal Group of Companies, handling all operations for Bahrain Welding Wire Products Company and Midal Cables Saudi. He had full responsibility for both the companies, development of financial and operational strategy, and control systems by development of budgets and consolidation with the group. This was done with due compliance of IFRS for both the companies and VAT implementation for Midal Cables Saudi.


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